Read Me First

Hello and welcome to your new social media site, a place where you have the freedom to be you. Let’s build a friendly, safe, respectable community.

Just some information to help you register.

  • We received some reports that after completing registration email confirmation are going to some people’s spam folders. When you register, be sure to check your spam folder if you do not see your email confirmation in your inbox, we are certainly working on this.

Your profile privacy how to hide specific information

  • We have made it convenient for you if you want to hide your last name, age or other information, sign in, go to your profile and edit any items you would like to hide and not have public.

  • We are in need of people to help our social media community site grow. We need volunteers, interns, and hosts for several of our TV broadcasts and live events, from across the USA.
  • The new Black Business Mall will be launched on February 14, be sure to sign up to promote your business.
  • Starting on February first you can advertise with us for 3 days, for a flat rate of $10. This is for first-time advertisers, contact us at
  • Be sure to start your special group or bring your group over from FB. Also, any member can set up their business page, Go For It!
  • Remember we have no jail, like Facebook or limits on messaging or post. Be sure to respect your fellow community member. No spam, no hate speech, no threats, no bullying, no illegal offers, no pornography, respect each other, this is a family site that’s what we ask of you, so you always have the freedom to be you.